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35+ Lead in 2 Months: Boosting Sales for Event Production Company

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About Our Client

Our Client, with over 8 years of industry experience, positions itself not merely as a supplier but as a dedicated partner for its clients. The company is led by a management team boasting rich international experience, guiding a tight-knit group of highly trained technical event experts. Specializing in audio, video, and lighting, Client has been instrumental in crafting memorable brand experiences for esteemed organizations in the Middle East, including Allergan, L’oreal, Maybach, BMW, and Nestle, among others. For those seeking a committed partner to shape their upcoming events, Client stands as the ideal choice.

Clients Challenges

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Build a New Audience

In the realm of technical event solutions, Solas, with over 8 years of experience, triumphs over challenges to expand its audience. From understanding the intricate technical event landscape and crafting targeted buyer personas to navigating digital transformation hurdles and fostering engagement in a specialized sector, Solas' strategic acumen and adaptability position it as a leading player in delivering unparalleled technical event experiences.

Need to Scale

Solas, a leader in technical events, strategically expands its presence in Dubai. Navigating challenges with expertise, Solas refines buyer personas and masters digital transformation for a focused ascent in Dubai's dynamic technical event landscape.

Performance Max Campaign

Solas conquered the challenge of reshaping technical event advertising with its "Unified Experience" campaign. Seamlessly navigating across platforms like search, YouTube, and display within a single campaign, Solas showcased unmatched efficiency, redefining event marketing and solidifying its leadership position.

Market Posting

Finding the new sport in the market for such a unique technical event provider in a specific city Dubai. we provide them a good market positioning in Dubai and help them to generate a lead.


Challenges Levrez Encountered

Specific Niche Market

Despite our extensive experience working with numerous companies, we recognized the need to conduct a thorough analysis of specific technical details to screen potential leads effectively. By doing so, we were able to craft customized solutions that resonated with our clients and resulted in impactful changes to their websites.

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